We’re back, baby! We have a LOT planned this season. I’m proud to say that MP artist Santi Guillen was shocked by where we are headed, and I can’t wait for you to see how the story is going to unfold in this season.

You’ll notice a few changes to the site. We’ve gotten rid of the Patreon page, and have replaced the link on the left with a donate button. If you dig what we’re doing, please consider contributing a few bucks. All proceeds will go to paying Santi’s page rate.

We’re also running a fundraiser through the end of the month. If you purchase $20 or more from the Etsy Store, you’ll receive a FREE print copy of Mind Palace: Sesaon One with your order.


Head over to https://www.etsy.com/shop/OutOfMyMindCo There are some pretty cool Fannibal inspired items as well as all of my previous work. If you like Mind Palace, you’ll LOVE Prom of the Dead and Cyrus Perkins. 😉