Some of you know that I’ve been making comics since 2005, starting with a book called Special Education, and a webcomic called Space-Time Condominium. By 2010-11 I had founded Action Lab Entertainment with a handful of like-minded creators, and  we launched my first “big” book, Double Jumpers, on the heels of the Eisner-nominated Princeless.DJ_V1_1_SOLICIT

The premise is REALLY fun:

“After Jason and his team of programmers get stuck in their virtual reality game, Dungeon Lords, they must find a way back to the real world. Unknown to them, the fantasy characters they inhabit have taken control of their bodies — and now wizards and warriors run free in Las Vegas!”

The book gained critical acclaim… and then I got busy. Running a company is time consuming , and while I always intended to return to the project (read that last page!) I could never seem to get the ball rolling on it.Fast forward almost eight years: I’ve written a TON of great books including Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab, Infinite Seven, Prom of the Dead, and co-written the Vamplets series of hardcovers.

I also moved on from running Action Lab, which freed up enough time to find a new creative team for the eventual Double Jumpers sequel while building my library and developing Mind Palace.Well, I’m happy to say the day is here for fans, new DJ2_CJ1_CVR_A_WEBand old alike, to read the continuing adventures of Jason and his team of misfit videogame programmers.

Be prepared for things to come full circle in Double Jumpers: Full Circle Jerks! The first issue will be released nationwide in the coming weeks, but is available now on Comixology, along with a special one-shot that bridges the gap between Volume One and Volume Two called Double Jumpers: The Dark Backwards.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited to be working with artist Sergio Rios on the new series. We met for the first time a few weeks back at SDCC and I couldn’t ask for a sweeter, talented person to be partnering on the book with.

Read all of Double Jumpers digitally HERE, or head into your local comic shop and order yourselves the fancy print versions. See you tomorrow with a new page of MIND PALACE!