Wow. So many incredible artists are coming out to support Mind Palace. The least we can do is return the favor!
Today’s featured artist is Claudia Gironi, aka Wisesnail on the web. Born in Italy in 1985, Claudia currently lives and works in London. Japanese Language and Culture graduate, Schiele enthusiast and art lover, she decided to teach herself digital painting seven years ago – since then she has never abandoned her stylus. Huge fan of  portraits and colour explosions, she mainly works in Photoshop, combining the versatility of the digital approach to the expressive brushstrokes of a more traditional method.
I’ll be honest, I’m blown away by Wisenail’s work. Check out her AMAZING portfolio HERE! There are so many amazing pieces I couldn’t pick just one! So here’s a bonus painting featuring the smoldering Doctor Alana Bloom!
If you are an artist and would like your work featured on Mind Palace, reach out using the contact form at the top of the page!