Thanks so much for supporting Mind Palace through 2018. We truly couldn’t have done it without you. As we dive into production on Season Two, we’re re-evaluating how to best produce the series.

Unfortunately, this means the Patreon page is going away. I have nothing but love for Patreon, but it became clear early on that I was ill-equipped to run a secondary page. For those of you that don’t know me, I have a full-time job, a wife, too many cats, freelance gigs (like the UFC comic), creator owned series, an Etsy page, a Big Cartel page, Mind Palace and, well, you get it. Patreon unintentionally became that neglected thing in my life. I have been feeling like I have been doing my Patrons a huge disservice, and I HATE that!

Rather than ask for your hard earned money on something I don’t feel good about, we’re rolling out a fundraiser thru my Etsy Store. Best of all, all proceeds will go towards Santi’s page rate for Season Two! Here’s a preview of the cover:


So let’s make this happen! You can find ALL of my work (prints, books and candles) at . All orders over $20 will get a FREE limited edition of Mind Palace: Season One.

Expect a Season Two preview and project spotlights in the coming weeks. The fundraiser (and free Mind Palace: Season 1 print comic offer) ends on 2/28. 


Dave Dwonch

From the Cabin in the Woods