Hey hey, Fannibals! We’re back with our Featured Artist segment, spotlighting the work of Alisa. Introduce yourself, Alisa!

Hi! I’m Alisa and mostly I draw fan art. I got into Hannibal not long ago, knowing that the series was cancelled, but I really loved this series. That beautiful, dark, super aesthetic world is very inspiring to me, as well as the dynamic of the relationship between the main characters. Many thanks to Bryan Fuller and everyone who participated in the creation of this show.

It’s great to be a part of Hannibal fandom, to share my work with others, to see the work of other artists and keep creating.

Speaking of sharing, here are a few of Alisa’s Hannibal inspired pieces:


You can find more of Alisa’s AMAZING work on Twitter https://twitter.com/BCrushed

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See you Tuesday for another installment of Mind Palace.