Hi All!

I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy in this crazy, crazy world of ours. I usually don’t “go for” awards– I’m an old man getting older, and don’t have the energy for the hustle, but the pandemic has given me a case of idle hands…


I was wondering if you, our faithful readers, would do us a favor and vote for Mind Palace in the upcoming Ringo Awards?


It’s a quick process– just click this link (https://ringoawards.survey.fm/ringo-awards-2020-nominations) to start voting for your favorite Comic Series and Creators. The Webcomic nom is down aways… Line 14 or so. Extra points if you nominate Mind Palace series artist Santi Guillen for Best Artist/Penciller!

Hopefully, with your help, we’ll get more eyeballs on MP and more people talking about the amazing works of Bryan Fuller. Because for real, let’s #SaveHannibal.


From the standing desk in the guest room