This week we are SO proud to be able to feature the artwork of the incredible Zilla! Introduce yourself, Z!

“Hi, I’m Zilla, and I love drawing fan art, monsters and toons!  I’m currently drowning myself in self-indulgent Hannibal art, after discovering the show this past June 2020 on Netflix. I fell in love quickly and discovered the fandom shortly after.  I suppose that makes me a Baby Fannibal!  I’m primarily what I’d consider a hobby artist, though I’ve happily done professional work over the years when the opportunity presents itself. My day career is very different, and so all my art is done during whatever small spare time I have in the evenings after work.  I’m self-taught, and my influences come from a wide range of places, primarily video games, comic books and classic WB cartoons.  I love injecting humor and sexuality into what I draw, and so my work in Fannibaldom tends to skew towards the funny and sexy. I have a great time just goofing off with what otherwise is an extremely beautiful and serious subject matter, and my whole goal is to make people smile and laugh, so I hope that I am able to achieve that.  Thanks for hanging out with me!”

We at Mind Palace love different takes on the Hannibal universe, and Zilla did not disappoint. Check out these amazing images!

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IG: @beanyzilla

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dA: zillabean

tumblr:  zillabean

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See you Tuesday for another installment of Mind Palace.