After a few weeks off… we’re back! This week we present the amazing work of Nunar. Introduce yourself, Nunar!!!

Hello! I’m Nunar, a freelance illustrator and art teacher from New York. Looking for inspiration during the early days of quarantine, I rewatched Hannibal and fell in love all over again with the story and characters. I felt inspired more than ever before to create and started working digitally after working primarily in traditional mediums. I have been so invigorated by the enthusiasm of the Fannibal community and their incredible creativity- the encouragement I’ve received from fellow Fannibals has really pushed me to take my artwork to the next level! I’m having a blast with the fandom and love drawing Hannigram! Thank you guys! <3

No, thank YOU, Nunar. We are VERY happy to have your work on the site. Here are a few of Nunar’s pieces:

So great, right?!?! For more of Nunar’s work, follow them here:

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