This is a big one for us. Santi truly is a magician.  He literally turned my barebones, basic script into the masterpiece above.  To pull back the curtain, this is what I gave hime to work with for the splask image:


A collage of ALL of the variations of Hannibal set across a galaxy star scape. It’s a little like Crisis on Infinite Earths, with versions of Hannibal from the book, film and TV series (and the Wendigo, of course!), as well as Alfredo Ballí Treviño, who is the real-life inspiration for Lecter. Here are some references:

HANNIBAL (CAPTION): I am a fully functioning sociopath and a genius of the highest order. 

HANNIBAL (CAPTION): I see life for what it is and has always been, dear Benefactor. Technicolor dreams broadcast in high definition to an audience hungry for misery, looking for something- ANYTHING to help them forget their own miserable lives. 

HANNIBAL (CAPTION): A jaded, spoiled, rotten culture, gorged on disposable entertainment. Books, revered yet unread sitting in libraries, remade into terrible films. A bloated corpse called “civilization” waiting for the next piece of drivel force fed into their overstuffed mouths. 

HANNIBAL (CAPTION): And I, Hannibal Lecter, the one and ONLY voice of reason in print, digital and streaming.  This is my truth, a truth the others could never comprehend. A burden only I only could carry. Until I met your buffalo.

Clearly, I’ve edited the script in the lettering, stage, but DAMN! Santi is my hero. Do yourself a favor and follow him in the links provided in the left sidebar. You won’t regret it.

See  you next week!