iI didn’t know how erotic Panel Three would be, but Santi must have picked up on something in my panel direction. 🙂

Hey! So another bit of news (that you might HATE)– we are going on a little break. While Season Three of Mind Palace has been written in its entirety, Santi and I are beginning work on the Prom of the Dead sequel, SPORES 2: The Broken Circle. We’re hoping to have a Kickstarter launched soon, so that we can get the book out by early 2021. we were hoping for Halloween this year, but scheduling (and everything else in the world) has been a nightmare!

Expect Mind Palace to return in early June; we could probably safely return sooner, but want to make sure we run the rest of the season uninterrupted. In the meantime– tell your Fannibal/Fullerverse friends about the comic. It’s the perfect time for them to binge the series.


Dave Dwonch

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