This is one of my favorite panels. Santi Guillen has been a tremendous partner on Mind Palace and doesn’t get enough credit for his work here. I just write the stuff; without Santi this series wouldn’t be possible.  I mean, c’mon… this is all I gave him to reference for this panel:

A wideshot of an old-timey American street. Like Disney’s Main Street USA, but without the castle. The place should be FULL of people and creatures from Bryan’s past. Family, friends, aliens and stuff from his childhood bookshelf, but come to life. On the street, the last building on the right should be Olive and Emerson’s Detective Agency which should have the words “Lil Gumshoe Detective Agency” written in old-timey font in the window. 

CAPTION: —The Well of Memories.

CAPTION: Which provided the perfect location to start their own Private Investigation Firm. It was there that they helped other memories find their loved ones.


So y’see… he really does know how to polish a jagged rock. If you love this series, give him a follow on Twitter and Instagram. Santi is the BEST!


See you next week!