Yeah! We’ve been sitting on this one for a grip now. The plan was ALWAYS to have Bryan Fuller himself join the cast, but we’re going to keep the hows, whys, and what the fucks to ourselves for a while. Speaking of…

We’re going to go on a VERY short hiatus. On top of my full-time day job and my job as a full-time Fullerverse fanboy, I freelance a BUNCH, and have been brought in to work on a top secret videogame! While we’re already working on Season Three (Santi is drawing it right now!) my free time has been cut short, and coloring and lettering have had to take a back seat to the game.

So, yes, we’re taking a TINY break. Get ready for the return of Mind Palace on Tuesday July 2nd. Expect more twists, turns, betrayal, and murder as we wrap this season. You may have seen Bryan coming… but you have no idea where the story is going, trust me. 😉

See you in a couple of weeks!