This is the END.

Yes, you heard it right, in one final gasp of meta-gasmic glory, Mind Palace is ending here at Season Three. While Santi and I definitely have more story to tell, we felt it best if we left on top, and it made SO much sense for us to leave our main characters in a good place and to also leave the possibilities endless.

Sort of like Bryan’s shows.

We’ve done our best to emulate the man himself, and we hope that Bryan Fuller is proud of our attempt. Speaking of Bryan… THANK YOU, sir, for all your support. Bryan has been helping to spread the word about Mind Palace for years, and thousands of people have made their way to this site because of his efforts. One of the best things about making this comic has been being able to talk to Bryan about what we’re up to, and he’s been nothing short of a prince the entire time.

And to his fans and the fans of this comicbook– we couldn’t– we WOULDN’T have done this without you. The Fannibal community has lifted us up and embraced us as their own, and we are happy to be counted amongst them. To all the fans that supported us by buying our candles, prints and books… you were the reason this book was possible. From here on out, all proceeds generated from the Etsy Store will go to keeping this series on the web. While we don’t have plans to return to the story in a traditional sense, we’ll still be featuring art from across the Fannibal/Fullerverse community, sharing production art and behind-the-scenes articles on the making of Mind Palace.

So… will there be a Mind Palace Season Four? Well, never say never. The power of Fannibal Fandom is pretty great. And speaking of… READ BELOW!!!

On an exploratory mission in the Delphic Expanse