I love a sweet call back. I love that “real” Bryan found strength in our last chapter, “WAR,” and he brought that back to the “real world.”

I don’t know Bryan personally, though he’s been SUPER supportive of this series, and I have NO idea what really went down with the Rice family and the Vampire Chronicles. Sorry, no inside scoops here. What I do know and understand VERY well is the creative struggle, and how tough it is making art. When I am at my lowest, I tend to look back at what I have accomplished, and it gives me strength– pushes me forward. I know that might sound silly, but that’s the point of this series.

Remember that endings are just new beginnings, and never stop making stuff. And never compromise.

We’re taking a couple of weeks off for the upcoming holidays, but we’ll return on January 5th with a brand-new chapter in the Mind Palace saga. Until then, be safe, stay healthy and most importantly enjoy the season as best you can!



On a Christmas road trip across the country to our new house