It’s been a couple of weeks since our last featured artist; I’ve been traveling between New York and LA, and I’m *finally* home in the Bay Area. It’s been tough to co-ordinate with other artists for the site, but thankfully, I met the WONDERFUL Lady Morgan along with an AMAZING group of Fannibals while in New York for NYCC.

So, here today, I present the work her work!

TABYA bit about  Lady Morgan, in her words:

“I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, cosplayer and a few things more, easier to say I’m a creative adventurer. I’m originally from Brazil, now based in Brooklyn, NY. I work with traditional tools like paper and ink, and also create digital artwork. My style is brought by inspiration in all things gothic, obscure and sometimes Victorian. I like working with themes as botanical, morbid anatomy and entomology, but not limited to it. But I do have a much lighter side, my love for all things pop culture, nerdy and science say a lot about me. I’m a huge fan of TV shows, especially Hannibal, Supernatural and Doctor Who.”

Visit her website:
and online shops where her Hannigram artwork is available for purchase:

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