We’re back with another featured artist! This week we are spotlighting Camille Garcia aka Flying Rotten. From her lips:

“My name is Camille and I’m a french graphic designer! I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pen (prob around two-years-old) and it’s been my passion ever since! I’ve kept illustration as a hobby for personal reasons, but it’s always a pleasure to share my little worlds and stories online, the feedback is always so encouraging!

Hannibal is one of my very fave series, and it’s fandom has the most creative people I’ve ever seen. It’s a blessing I’m in it!!!”

And we are blessed that Camille is in it as well! Take a look at these BEAUTIFUL images!




You can find more of Flying Rotten’s work here:

Tumblr : http://camilleflyingrotten.tumblr.com/

Hannistag comic : http://flyingrottenhannistag.tumblr.com/comic

Twitter : @Camillecailloux

Instagram: @flyingrotten

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