Hey All,


We hope you’ve been enjoying Mind Palace: Season Two. Get ready for a bigger, bolder story line this year. Speaking of bolder, check out this week’s featured artist, STIX!

“Hi, folks! My name is Stix and I’m a nonbinary artist and Bay Area Fannibal. The media I love has always been a big influence on what I draw and how I draw it. I’ve made fanart all my life, but I didn’t take an active role in fandom until I joined the Hannibal community. It’s been a great first fandom! Everyone is so talented, encouraging, and collaborative. I’ve grown a lot as an artist and storyteller over the past few years. And it’s all thanks to the lovely community that’s formed around an objectively terrible cannibal! Who would’ve thought?”
Who indeed! Thanks for being a part of this wonderful community, and allowing us to share your amazing work!
For more info on STIX’s work, check out their socials and sites!
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