Hey All,

My sincerest apologies for going radio silent these past few weeks, but I’ve been working on a top secret project that I can finally talk about.

A little over a month ago, I was brought into the Narrative Team at Playful Corp to work on their game New Super Lucky’s Tale, coming soon to the Nintendo Switch! Here’s a peek at the game:

Pretty cool right?

Super Lucky’s Tale was an original launch title for the Xbox One, and when Playful Corp signed with Nintendo, they wanted to create something special for fans. They brought me and John Reilly (HERALD: Lovecraft and Tesla) in for a complete rewrite, and under the narrative direction of M. Goodwin (of Tomboy and Princeless fame), we got to work! We created a new story, new characters, new dialogue and even got to give input into level design. It’s been the most rewarding gig of my life, but it’s also taken me out of the comics game for a bit, hence the “mid-season intermission.”

Long story short– the delay was all on me. Santi never stopped drawing from script I had previously supplied. He is a PRO, and we are in a good place, artwise. I’ll begin coloring and lettering this week, just in time for the return of Mind Palace next Tuesday! Tell all of your Fannibal friends that Bryan Fuller himself is coming to dinner, and nothing will ever be the same!