Howdy, fellow Fannibals! This week, we’re proud to share the art of… Deadly! Take it away, D!

Hi! I’m Deadly, and I guess I specialize in weird Catholic undertones in varying warm colour palettes! 

As you can probably tell, I’m very inspired by dogmatic iconography and pre-Raphaelite painting. I put a lot of effort into resisting the urge to solely produce reinterpretations of classic paintings as Hannibal tableaus. 
Hannibal, and Bryan Fuller’s work generally, has really influenced my art in terms of style, symbolism and beautifying the grotesque. I also really feel like the other creators within the Hannibal fan base encourage and motivate me to become a better artist, and I’m having the best time challenging myself when I’m inspired by my peers. Today, naked angels, tomorrow, maybe even backgrounds. Who knows? 
Thanks for checking me out, and thanks, Dave, for the feature and all your hard work on Mind Palace! 
–Deadly xo
Check out these amazing pieces by Deadly:
dolorosa flat

leonie mish flatwilliam2flat2

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See you next week!