We’re back with another Featured Artist Spotlight! Hell yeah! This week, gaze upon the work of Nephila.

I’m Nephila and I’m a behavioral ecologist that spends my free time drawing Hannibal. Bryan Fuller has attracted a wealth of artists with the imagery of the series- one chance look at a few screencaps on Pinterest and I was hooked. 

I strive to make my pieces as emotive as possible; if the subject’s emotion and tone transcends the “canvas” into the space of the viewer, then I’ve done my job. My fan art is a continuous log of myself trying to convey my feelings about the series, communicating to everyone through light and color.

 My main “style” is a form of digital realism, but it extends to bright, neon colors, pointillism, stylized pencil, and traditional. I’m always experimenting, and my techniques are always evolving.

Here are just a few of Nephila’s inspiring pieces:


For more of Nephila’s work, check out her gallery: https://nephart.carrd.co/

And Twitter: @callmenephila

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See you next week!