It’s a special Sunday Edition of Featured Artist! This week we bring you the work of Uni. Take it away, Uni!

Hi! I’m Uni, from Japan. I mainly draw Mads and Hugh, as well as the characters from the shows that they appear in.
When I first came to Hannibal fandom, I was really surprised at how creative and kind fannibals are. It motivated me to post art and communicate with people online. It’s very encouraging that they often leave friendly comments on my artwork, which rarely happens in Japanese fandom. I probably can’t draw as well as other fannibals, but I hope everyone enjoys my drawings!
And lastly, I’d like to say thank you to Dave for giving me this fantastic opportunity to introduce myself.
The pleasure is all mine, Uni. Uni’s work caught my eye on Twitter, and I immediately reached out to feature their artwork on the site. Speaking of… here are some choice selections!
As you can see, Uni is not only talented, but incredibly humble. I for one can’t wait to see more, and I hope you are just as excited as I am. For more of their work, visit Uni’s Twitter and Tumblr.

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See you THIS Wednesday for the Season Two finale of Mind Palace!