Yes, the comic is on a break until December 3rd, but that doesn’t mean we’re dead! Today for your viewing pleasure, we’re featuring the art of Vati!

Howdy! I’m Vati and I’m a California artist who dabbles in fanart sometimes 😛

I look up to artists like Bouguereau, Bernini, and Jacques-Louis David but my main inspiration comes from Hannibal. I’m all about the gore, the romance, and the tragedy, baby!

I got into Hannibal when it first aired (back when I was still in high school oof) and have been hopelessly in love ever since. I actually started painting because I loved the aesthetic and imagery of the show so much. All I wanted was to make something as spicy, beautiful, and emotional. I’m still growing as an artist and trying to discover my style and I’m really fortunate to have people in the fandom who like my art and encourage me to keep going! 

fate small

kintsugi small

persephonehades small

I, for one, and blown away by Vati’s work. If you’re inclined, follow their work on Tumblr , Twitter , and purchase their work on Etsy!

And if YOU are an artist and would like your work featured on Mind Palace, reach out using the contact form at the top of the page!