Hey hey, Fannibal Family! Thank you so much for the support of our Season Three launch! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind these past two weeks, with hundreds of new readers finding the series.  We owe it all to you for helping to spread the word. Keep it up!

Speaking of spreading the good word, we here at Mind Palace LOVE sharing our fellow fannibal’s artwork, and this week we’re proud to present the work of Karla Del Cid! Take it away, Karla!

Hi, I’m Karla Delakidd and I’m a Toronto artist that draws inspiration from mythology and horror. I came across Hannibal very late, and way after it’s cancellation. As soon as I began watching, I immediately devoured Fuller’s vision- and oh man, what a vision! How could murders be beautiful? How could you come to sympathize for a cannibal villain? The plot is so tightly constructed and the characters charming, as soon as I finished the final season, I dove into these tarot designs for the series.

Because of the immediate and loving support of Fannibal community, I was able to create two more designs, the Wendigo and Ravenstag set.



The Hannibal fandom is easily one of the most supportive and inviting fandoms I’ve ever come across. I’m super grateful for their presence, voices and my god- the bloody fantastic artwork produced by all the fans of the show. I’m definitely going to keep creating artwork inspired by the dark, beautiful, rich and deep world of Hannibal. Many thanks to Bryan Fuller for being bold enough to make such a horrifying, beautiful, messed up world.

Thanks to Karla for allowing us to post her amazing work! If you’d like to see more of Karla’s work, follow her at @DelaKidd on Twitter and on Instagram. You can also purchase her pins, plaques, and ceramic work on Etsy.

And if YOU are an artist and would like your work featured on Mind Palace, reach out using the contact form at the top of the page!