Happy New Year, y’all! Today we’re ringing in the new decade with another featured artist spotlight. Meet VenomSnake!

Hi, my name’s Will. No relation to Mr. Graham! I only got into Hannibal at this December out of a craving to see more Mads Mikkelsen after witnessing his wonderful performance in Death Stranding. It exceeded my expectations going into it in just the first few episodes; it’s incredibly finely crafted, well-acted and has a balanced, powerful cast, and (perhaps my favorite part) it satisfies me as a horror fan. The contrast of the brutality of murder & Hannibal’s high-class lifestyle makes for some very striking imagery.

Style-wise, I enjoy doing portraits most of all; usually semi-realistic, rough digital paintings. Subject-wise, I have fun drawing smug villains. Mr. Mikkelsen has a very classical face with unique features, so it’s extra fun for me to paint him and get his resemblance down. He’s pretty irresistible in a suit & tie, too. He really checks off all my boxes. 

Thank you for featuring me!

And thank you for allowing us to! Here are a few select pieces from Will’s portfolio:


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