Our main story may be over, but we haven’t stopped spreading the word of our Fannibal Family and their incredible work! This week, we present the work of Lima for your viewing pleasure! Introduce yourself, Lima!

Hi, I’m Lima and I am a hobby artist who started drawing again almost exactly three years ago after I took a very long break from art. My favorite mediums to work with are Copic markers and metallic watercolors, but recently I also tried to get more into digital art. I love doing b/w portraits with often shiny circles around their heads and generally just draw what makes me happy.

It has been one year since I discovered Hannibal and fell in love with it. Watching it, I loved the artistic direction and the medical themes of the show. This series has inspired me to do a lot of fanart and I also think some of my best pieces were fueled by the incredible show that Hannibal is. I even formed some irreplaceable friendships due to bonding with other fans over Hannibal. I am unbelievably honored to be able to give even a part of the inspiration and the overwhelming support I got for my art back by doing what I love doing most: Drawing!

And we love what you DO. Check out these amazing pieces by Lima:

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