Welcome back to the Mind Palace! This week we’re bringing you the truly exceptional work of Cheyenne. Introduce yourself, C!

“Hello, I’m Cheyenne. I’m a digital hobby artist who enjoys drawing pretty characters and fanart, and loves to indulge in drawing my favorite fictional characters and relationships.

I rediscovered Hannibal late last year, and the art direction was so gorgeous and the characters and relationships so beautifully interconnected it inspired me to start drawing regularly again after a two year art block.

I tried my hand at drawing Hannibal fanart when the show first aired (so many flower crowns), so I suppose now that it’s several years later, it’s only right I’m returning to my roots and drawing these beautiful characters once again. It’s granted me the opportunity to not only stretch my art muscles and draw all my favorite characters, but also start many new friendships will fellow Fannibals.

Just breathtaking, am I right? If you want to see more of Cheyenne’s art, check out their Twitter and Instagram accounts!

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